Land Sea Air Manufacturing business processes leverage lean business practices including SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies). This quick change business processes dramatically reduces the time it takes to complete equipment changeovers and restore equipment to productivity.

Using various modeling and CAD tools, our team absorbs and embraces the existing digital thread. Where the digital thread exists, Land Sea Air Manufacturing uses and prefers the digital thread to model, program, setup and inspect products. Where the digital thread does not exist, our engineers will create and maintain the digital thread. This service is significantly more efficient and less costly overall.  

Material Stress (Stress Concentration)

(Definition according to www.NDE-ED.ORG  - "When an axial load is applied to a piece of material with a uniform cross-section, the normal stress will be uniformly distributed over the cross-section. However, if a hole is drilled in the material, the stress distribution will no longer be uniform. Since the material that has been removed from the hole is no longer available to carry any load, the load must be redistributed over the remaining material. It is not redistributed evenly over the entire remaining cross-sectional area but instead will be redistributed in an uneven pattern that is highest at the edges of the hole as shown in the image. This phenomenon is known as stress concentration."

Engineering, planning and supply chain management are all essential to success for and with our partners. At Land Sea Air Manufacturing we respond quickly. Quotes are processed in 1 - 3 business days depending on complexity. Once an order is placed, our engineering begins work immediately often before the purchase order is received.