Advanced manufacturing apprenticeships and internships. An investment in the future.

Hannah Seeley and Conger Wraase both seniors at the Gerstell School in Carroll County are participating in an engineering internship at Land Sea Air Manufacturing an aerospace company in Westminster, Maryland. Apprentice/Interns are learning the intricate and practical details associated with an engineering career in the aerospace industry but that’s only the beginning. Students work closely with and under the direction of VP of Engineering Ed Sorrell who tasks them with projects to first design (using CATIA) modifications to aerospace components. Once the design is completed, students witness the actual manufacturing of those products followed by precision measurement they perform using advanced manufacturing CMM equipment. The result is the first hand discovery of development and product life cycle.

Land Sea Air Manufacturing president Todd Paul decided on the apprenticeship as part of an internship program at Gerstell after learning about apprenticeships from Maryland Dept. of Commerce Manufacturing Director Joyce LaPadula. “We have been very pleased with these young people and as a result we have offered them each a full time apprenticeship during their school breaks. Our hope is that when they finish their education, they will consider coming to work with us as engineers on a permanent basis.” Said Paul. “These two students have really impressed us with their ability to learn well and quickly. I am certain they will be a terrific addition to any team they join.” said Sorrell.

Land Sea Air Manufacturing is a high precision, complex geometry contract manufacturer of aerospace, commercial and military products. Founded in 1992, Land Sea Air Manufacturing is a proud Maryland manufacturer and founding member of both and the new Maryland Manufacturers COOP. Land Sea Air Manufacturing boasts that their most valuable asset is their superior team. Visit  and discover the difference experience makes.