Land Sea Air Manufacturing has partnered with several manufacturers around Maryland to provide the most enriched manufacturing experience possible for our customers. Together with our incredible partners we have formed the Maryland Manufacturers COOP. Here's how the COOP works:

Customers who do business with any one of the COOP members are supported by all of the COOP members. Each Maryland Manufacturers COOP member brings a wealth of experience and capability to the team. These small businesses and their teams (nearly 400 full time manufacturing employees in total) are focused on the customer's success. Every member is ISO certified and registered. Individual team members also bring numerous additional industry specific credentials in the aerospace, defense, intelligence, medical equipment, medical device and consumer product industries.

When a new candidate customer is identified, the COOP meets with the customer together. The customer discusses the specifics of their project with the team and the team interacts with the customer in all areas related to the product design, manufacturing, shipment, storage and certifications needed. The COOP openly discusses which team member should take the lead based on the specific needs and credentials needed for the customer. The customer then decides if they want to move forward and if so, which team member will take the lead. It is always the customer's choice.

The team member chosen (prime) will establish their supply chain starting with the COOP team members and each of their respective supply chains. Emphasis is placed on keeping the supply chain local. Regardless of the prime, others are suppliers where there is a fit. The communication, pricing and collaboration is already established. There is no markup of supplier provided goods and services by the prime but responsibility for final delivery and quality rests with the prime.

The customer is encouraged to visit and open a dialogue with the team members at any and all times. This is a transparent process to all parties at all times.

So why do manufacturers join the COOP? Simple really.

  1. TEAM-Work (Together Everyone Attracts More Work) - The COOP brings business from an abundance of industries.
  2. The supply chain works very well together. 
  3. Team member capabilities expand substantially in width and depth.
  4. Subject Matter Expertise is readily available in all manufacturing areas.
  5. Force multiplier for sales and engineering.

Benefits to the customer:

  1. Reduced lead time and preferred pricing.
  2. Risk mitigation.
  3. Single point of contact with the prime if desired.
  4. Entire team working together for the customer.
  5. Customer does not have to manage the supply chain.
  6. Substantially higher capabilities within the COOP compared to traditional contract manufacturers.

Contact Land Sea Air Manufacturing or any of our partners for more details.