Land Sea Air Manufacturing works closely with customers in all phases of the product life cycle. Heavily engineered, high precision, complex geometry and exotic materials are strengths of the team at Land Sea Air Manufacturing. Recognized as a manufacturing “First Responder” the team at Land Sea Air Manufacturing

are focused on exceeding your expectations. Superior engineering assistance using state of the art products including CATIA, Espirit, MasterCam, PCDMIS  combined with full digital thread traceability beginning to end. Our in house subject matter experts leverage proprietary advanced manufacturing practices including trochoidal machining, free state work holding, and stress free machining to reduce lead time and lower total cost of ownership for our customers. Land Sea Air Manufacturing is trusted to build flight critical products including Flap Tracks, Gust Locks, Torque Tube Rudder Assemblies, Cam Tracks (V22 Osprey) and many more. Visit and discover the difference experience makes.

Complex geometry, no problem. Exotic material requirements, no problem. Need to accelerate delivery, no problem. Challenges with source documents, no problem. Need help chasing specifications and applying years for engineering changes, no problem.  We thrive on things that other manufacturers consider difficult. 

At Land Sea Air Manufacturing we understand stress and how to avoid it. By understanding how stress is built up in a part, our subject matter experts understand how to avoid it. This results in reduced cost and lead time. Our advanced manufacturing techniques for work holding and machine tool paths decrease run times and eliminate the need for stress relieving and hardening of materials. If you don't put stress into the product, you don't have to relieve it.

Advanced machining methodologies are used extensively at Land Sea Air Manufacturing. We did not invent the process nor the algorithms but we have invested years perfecting it. Simply stated our milling methodology combined with tool paths, specialized cutting tools and the application of specific coolants allow substantially faster removal of material while decreasing tool wear. The result is increased efficiency and decreased manufacturing cost yielding a lower total cost of ownership for our partners.