Land Sea Air Manufacturing works closely with customers in all phases of the product life cycle. Heavily engineered, high precision, complex geometry and exotic materials are strengths of Land Sea Air Manufacturing. Contract manufacturing of capital equipment, sensors, medical devices and emergency safety equipment are routinely produced by the team at Land Sea Air Manufacturing. Partners of Land Sea Air Manufacturing are all ISO9001 Certified and fully compliant with Land Sea Air Manufacturing’s state of the art Business Management System (BMS). AS9100 Revision C sets the standard for quality at Land Sea Air Manufacturing. Fully compliant in every business area, Land Sea Air Manufacturing partners conform and are regularly audited to industry leading standards. 

Land Sea Air Manufacturing has partnered with several manufacturers around Maryland to provide the most enriched manufacturing experience possible for our customers. Together with our incredible partners we have formed the Maryland Manufacturers COOP. Here's how the COOP works:

Customers who do business with any one of the COOP members are supported by all of the COOP members. Each Maryland Manufacturers COOP member brings a wealth of experience and capability to the team. These small businesses and their teams (nearly 400 full time manufacturing employees in total) are focused on the customer's success. Every member is ISO certified and registered. Individual team members also bring numerous additional industry specific credentials in the aerospace, defense, intelligence, medical equipment, medical device and consumer product industries.

Often when products first come to us they are designed but not fully functional. This is especially true with early stage companies and new product development. Our team of highly skilled engineers will help you modify your design to reduce cost and increase functionality. Our engineers work closely with your design team to identify the fastest and least costly path forward. As a contract manufacturer, Land Sea Air Manufacturing does not offer products of our own. We assist you in bringing your product(s) to market. Need office and or storage space? We've got that.