Using various modeling and CAD tools, our team absorbs and embraces the existing digital thread. Where the digital thread exists, Land Sea Air Manufacturing uses and prefers the digital thread to model, program, setup and inspect products. Where the digital thread does not exist, our engineers will create and maintain the digital thread. This service is significantly more efficient and less costly overall.  

Everything begins with the model. Regardless of the model source, we use the model as the point of absolute truth. Significant effort is put into the model to assure it is accurate and reflective of the customers design intention and the details necessary for completion.

Th model is used to establish the quality plan to assure compliance and satisfaction. Once complete the manufacturing plan is built to the same model. The manufacturing plan is reviewed and verified alongside the quality plan. At that point both are released for programming of manufacturing equipment and quality measurement equipment. All digital data is secured and access limited to assure revision control. The digital thread is validated multiple times against the customers source documents to assure revision level integrity.

Operations and quality use the model data for verification. All drawings, sketches and documentation is based on the digital thread. When the project is complete, the digital thread is archived at Land Sea Air Manufacturing. 

The digital thread may be provided or purchased by the customer.


These are samples of solid models.


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