Land Sea Air Manufacturing (LSAM) earned the 2017 Top Shop Honor from Modern Machine Shop Magazine. Selected by the Gardner Group, LSAM was chosen for Business Strategy. This prestigious honor is presented to one machine shop each year. Read the article here.

There are a lot of reasons to select Land Sea Air Manufacturing as your manufacturing partner:

  • Innovative thinking. Land Sea Air Manufacturing is recognized nationally for our leadership. The single goal and exclusive focus is to exceed our customers expectations in every way. Read a recent article on Building a Functional Team
  • At Land Sea Air Manufacturing, we understand stress and how to avoid it. Our advanced manufacturing techniques for work holding and machine tool paths decrease run times and prevent stress.
  • Trochoidal Milling is used extensively at Land Sea Air Manufacturing. While we did not invent the process nor the algorithms, Land Sea Air Manufacturing has spent years perfecting it. Simply stated, Trochoidal Milling allows substantially faster removal of material while decreasing tool wear. The result is increased efficiency and decreased manufacturing cost.
  • In-house program manager support for customers, programs, and orders. Single point of contact for our customer although customers are encouraged to speak to anyone at Land Sea Air Manufacturing.
  • Multiple 5th Axis Machining Centers.
  • 100% in house CNC and CMM programming.
  • Extremely strong machining capabilities.
  • Lights-Out manufacturing.
  • One to many machinist to machine tool ratio.
  • Full digital thread support in all directions.
  • Fully transparent to customers and partners.
  • Committed to customer support.
  • On-time delivery. Receptive to moving dates to the left.
  • We are often called upon when others fail.