Todd Paul, Founder, CEO, Master Machinist 

Corporate Vision: To be our customer’s first choice for manufacturing, engineering, and design support with products of uncompromising quality, simple convenience and superior total service.

Mission Statement: Land Sea Air Manufacturing will build and deliver superior products, materials, and customer service with completely transparent product and project management.


Our journey has been an interesting one since we first founded the company back in 1992 in Westminster, Maryland. Our goal was, and is, to provide great products and service to demanding customers by attracting and retaining the most talented people in the manufacturing community. 

Land Sea Air Manufacturing is a very progressive and innovative organization that views our team members as our greatest asset. It is their contribution to the team that differentiates us from our competition. Our hallmark in the aerospace community is our First-Responder approach when faced with difficult projects. I am very proud to say that our team at Land Sea Air Manufacturing runs toward challenging projects while other run away.

Land Sea Air Manufacturing is a contract manufacturer of products, assemblies, and components for the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities. Additionally, our capabilities include design and manufacturing of capital equipment, electro-mechanical products, and consumer goods.

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Todd Paul, Owner/Master Machinist